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The Strange South rated 5 out of 5 based on 204 Etsy customer reviews. Opened in 2017 this shop is run by thestrangesouth from Caledonia, Mississippi. They have several dozen products in Bath & Beauty category.

Based on last month's sales they rank 40,122nd out of 1.9 million Etsy shops. How we rank Etsy shops? Since joining Etsy in 2017 they sold 1,027 products.

The Strange South is one of the local United States handmade shops.

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Recent reviews

Nightshade is a wrist sniffer Ladies! It’s very complex and smells wonderful on summer skin (aka sweaty skin). This is truly lovely can’t wait to see how it smells in the coming seasons, this works for me.


A sweet scent with great staying power. I live for peach blossoms and the additional notes complement it so well.


Smells amazing. I never realized how distinct the smell of tomato leaves were until I smelled this and was taken back to my childhood garden. The strawberry adds sweetness and the violet adds a pleasant floral. It smells like a summer garden when you're done planting tomato seedlings and the strawberries are ripe.


It smells like there is something warm and vaguely sweet in the kitchen after coming in from a thunderstorm. You can truly feel the humidity. It's amazing.


Such a clean smell with the violet really elevating it.