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Opened in 2017 this shop is run by Chyna from United States.

Since joining Etsy in 2017 they sold 646 products.

Posh And Lace is one of the local United States handmade shops.

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Recent reviews

My order was placed on 10/23. I received an email on 11/4 stating there was an issue that prevented me from receiving my item in a timely fashion. The email did state that my item would be shipped out on 11/6 if I did not want the refund. At this point it’s already been this long so I responded to the email stating that I would proceed to wait for my item if it is truly going to be shipped out on 11/6. On 11/6 I received notification that my item has shipped. However, as the days went by and not receiving my package, it turns out my item has NOT shipped. A shipping label has been created and the post office is still waiting to receive the item to send to me. By the time I receive my bonnet for my baby she’s gonna need a bigger size. I really just wish the company wasn’t dishonest with their shipping.


So cute & legit ! It’s perfect , will be ordering more ..


I️ have yet to receive my order after being promised 2 different ship dates. Seller doesn’t respond to messages in a timely manner at all letting me know what’s going on with my order. I’ve tried reaching out multiple times.