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Pnk Bow Ties

Pnk Bow Ties is taking a short break. Check here if they are back already?

Pnk Bow Ties is a Etsy Top 5000 shop, rated 5 out of 5 based on 2,548 reviews . Opened in 2012 this shop is run by Lameka Alston from Columbia, Maryland.

Based on last month's sales they rank 1,070th out of 1.7 million Etsy shops. How we rank Etsy shops? Since joining Etsy in 2012 they sold 7,351 products.

Pnk Bow Ties is one of the local United States shops.

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Recent reviews

Love this shop!! Super creative and on point


These are amazing! You are so talented!


You captured EC perfectly!


So far I love all the stickers, but these will be fun to help me keep track of my fitness journey.