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naturapicta rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 1,711 Etsy customer reviews. Opened in 2011 this shop is run by naturapicta from Milan, Italy. They have hundreds of products in Home & Living, Electronics & Accessories, Paper & Party Supplies and Art & Collectibles categories.

Based on last month's sales they rank 17,634th out of 1.9 million Etsy shops. How we rank Etsy shops? Since joining Etsy in 2011 they sold 9,472 products.

naturapicta makes unique products in Italy. They are one of the Top 100 shops from Italy.

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Recent reviews

Received my bookmark and it's perfect. Carefully wrapped for shipping, and beautifully wrapped inside. It was a purchase for myself but, unwrapping the pretty packaging even while knowing what was inside made me feel like I was opening a special gift. A lovely treasure.


I love the shirt. Very nice design.