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lisalehmanndesigns rated 5 out of 5 based on 1,375 Etsy customer reviews. Opened in 2007 this shop is run by lisa lehmann from Grand Haven, Michigan. They have hundreds of products in Jewelry category.

They are one of the Trending Shops, having increased their sales by 50% from the month before.

Based on last month's sales they rank 45,727th out of 1.9 million Etsy shops. How we rank Etsy shops? Since joining Etsy in 2007 they sold 6,933 products.

lisalehmanndesigns is one of the local United States handmade shops.

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This item was beautifully crafted. It's a lovely fit for the recipient, and just stunning to look at. Looks great with any outfit, totally timeless and, again, really well made. Thank you so much.