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daintycakesbyandrea rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 1,056 Etsy customer reviews. Opened in 2014 this shop is run by Andrea Pressler from Fort Wayne, Indiana. They have hundreds of products in Home & Living category.

They are one of the Trending Shops, having increased their sales by 18% from the month before.

Based on last month's sales they rank 25,144th out of 1.9 million Etsy shops. How we rank Etsy shops? Since joining Etsy in 2014 they sold 3,579 products.

daintycakesbyandrea is one of the local United States handmade shops.

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daintycakesbyandrea cancellations, returns, exchanges, estimated shipping times, customs/import taxes, shop policies, payment options and shipping information can be found here. daintycakesbyandrea is shipping from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Recent reviews

Amazing cookies I loved them


Cookies were very pretty and packaged well. Haven't tried them, but I'm sure they taste fine too. Order was shipped a bit late. No communication/response from seller post-payment. I requested a simple note written on paper just to tell the recipient who the cookies were from, but this was not included (and I was not informed previously this wouldn't be included). So the recipient had no idea where these came from. Experience was just okay - certainly not bad and the cookies are lovely and not broken! But there's also like a billion of these cookie sellers on etsy, so I would try another for the next time. Cookies were cute though and the work is still appreciated! Thank you!!