Belinda runs zoom dolly INK from Rosebud, Australia, a shop selling her paintings and prints.

Introduce your shop

Just as the calendar rolled through to 2017, zoom dolly INK launched into the world of Etsy..a pip in the apple - still new but ready to grow. It is through this platform that the small but mighty zoom dolly INK empire aims to inspire little moments of happiness through paintings, prints, and craftiness - one image at a time...followed by lots of prints, products and a gargantuan wave of creative ideas, enchanting one imagination after another - creating a little world of captured moments, that beckon the child within.

Nestled within the walls that create the zoom dolly INK Etsy store you can find a hint of some of the colourful creatures that have escaped my imagination and displayed themselves to the world.

When did you turn your craft into a business?

Somewhere during the earlier half of 2016 I began putting the many ideas I had into order and searching for the truest direction I could take to bring my business into reality. There was a lot to work through, but by December I had an online face and zoom dolly INK started to really grow her wings.

How did you come up with a name for your store?

The character that I named 'zoom dolly' came from the tip of my ink-pen and landed on a scrap of paper..and there she was, in suspended flight, her image transformed and captured in it's most simplest of forms..and it is from there she has evolved.

At the time I was adamant that animation was the answer, and it was whilst developing an animated logo sequence that zoom dolly first showed her face. Hence, I adopted the terms zoom and dolly, which are two seperate camera moves; and combined them with INK, in which she was first drawn.

And so it was that I left the moving image trade for the one that came most naturally and out from the fog flew zoom dolly INK..!

How did you start selling on Etsy?


A few short months ago I took a deep breath and entered the world of online everything. I published a website, Facebook page ( because it was highly recommended by social and business peoples around me )and an Instagram page ( preferred by the artsy folk who much prefer this platform for posting.) It wasn't long before I was climbing over the fence to the greener pastures of Etsy-land..whose inhabitants were so crafty, productive and INTERESTING TO ME! I have to admit I hesitated for so long simply because of the sheer volume of the Etsy world, but eventually I felt this to be a natural progression and that I was letting opportunity slip by so I just held my breath and jumped in.

Do you talk to your customers? Do you run your website or blog, social media?

I do love interaction with customers. I must admit I am a little green in this area though as my business is still quite new. It is such a thrill to be in contact with other artists and artsy-crafty folk from around the globe that would otherwise be out of reach. I do run my Etsy store, zoomdollyink website, Facebook and Instagram so there is a real hands on and upfront kind of feel to interactions. It can be such a rewarding, inspirational and gratifying feeling reading thoughts about the work you have poured your heart and soul into.

What’s your most favorite product?

Hmmm...I have transferred my hand painted originals onto many materials, trying to find the perfect products..the most unique..the most interesting. After much thought, even though I am immensely chuffed at seeing each image tranferred to various surfaces and utterly proud to present them to my customers..the true favourite out of everything would have to be the original paintings themselves, of which I cherish as much as memories and find it enormously difficult to part with them.

What are your future goals?

Amongst this artists confessions of underlying dreams I am deeply satisfied by the thought of zoom dolly INK becoming a successful business...I revel amidst the warmth of 'complacent thinkings' as I ambitiously daydream goals for the future. Above all, I aim for zoom dolly INK to become a well known, sought after and cherished catalogue of inspirational arty products, whilst retaining the passion that motivates and nourishes the very soul from which all this has come.

What’s your process from an idea to a finished product?

Without a doubt my absolutely most favouritist thing of all is the raw process that brings each storyline into the world..scribbling out details as inspiration unfolds, then capturing the ideas before they fade away..dissipating into nothingness. I grab them and trap them in ink, then gradually fine tune and sort through the acrylics so that the story may transform itself from words, out across a platform over which the image can perform.

Quite often I find myself solving a puzzle of images as a budding idea presents itself. Usually what follows is a series of scribbled notes and quick scrappy sketches. At some point there is a merging, where all the scattered pieces converge as one and the light goes on..the idea translates from a whirling blur straight onto the nearest thing that can be written on- a scrap of paper, the back of a docket, the table (ooooh I really need a whiteboard..!) A cacophony of words and scribbles that transform into story-telling images through the language of colours. Prosody of paint, so to speak...From there the kinks are ironed out and a new story is captured, ready to bathe itself in acrylic across whatever it is I am painting on at the time.

Where and when do you find yourself most creatively inspired?

I can honestly say there is no 'off-switch' to the creative thoughts, there is inspiration everywhere. One thing inevitably lends itself to another and pretty soon my mind is off on another tangent inventing a new story for the canvas. I have pages and pages of thoughts and musings, paused in the 'yet to come' books.

Maintaining an online presence is a time guzzling beast but these little creations of mine will make it out there eventually! I believe perseverance and time management is the key, otherwise there is a great imbalance toward one or the other and the whole process is slowed.

I have sooo much fun bringing my characters into being through the end of a paintbrush. Oh yes…I love love love it!! So long ago now it seems, I started making image after image and one thing lead to another and here am I, an artist of sorts, with a band of merry creatures in a number of story telling images. They are nurtured on their journey into a reality, into an existing, viewable entity, and they nurture my soul to the core on their way there. And so it is with great pleasure and immense pride that I present the world I have been working in, to the world in which they are to be released…a collection of creatures stopped in their stories, suspended in a moment, squished from a paint tube and brushed into being.

Behind the driving force to create a successful online business, apart from the great need I had to follow this path, was the greater need that I have to be there for my growing daughter. And so it is with great ambition that I set out on this path, and with great gratitude that I continue with your support.