Tamara runs Maui Seed Company, offering assorted tropical Maui grown seeds, plants and handmade soaps.

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My company name is Maui Seeds and we are located on our 2 acre Family Farm in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii. We offer assorted tropical Maui grown Seeds, Plants and my Hand made Soaps.

I am a life long Quilter and taught myself how to create luxury cold process Soap recently. I enjoy creating new soaps with Maui themes, botanicals, local ingredients and colors to go with the extra added element of scent. I love making new soap in different forms, loafs, cakes, cupcakes. The soap stamps that I imprint the bars with are custom made from my own handwriting (could not find a font that I liked well enough).


My favorite product would be 'Maui Cacao Love Spell' soap-I like to call it my 'Masterpiece'. The ingredients used are Irish dark stout beer, Maui Honey, Oatmeal & an amazing fragrance oil blend.

Everyone else seems to be drawn to the fragrance free Coconut Milk Soap. This simple recipe seems to be the most overall favorite-must be because of the white frothy lather created. I have three Daughters and they and all of their friends adore this recipe as a face soap.

I personally grow, collect, clean, create, package & ship every order. My husband of 29 years, Sam, helps me in the garden but I have no further assistants. It is important to me that every Maui Seeds Customer is very happy with their experience. I add lots of fun surprise samples to every order. Please see my valued Customer reviews on Etsy as well as at my website, MauiSeeds.com.

I felt the need to create and offer a website after a few years on Etsy. I am called MauiSeedCompany on Etsy but my website is MauiSeeds.com. It took me a while, but I built the website myself :) I take 99.9% of my own photos. I also maintain a MauiSeeds.com Facebook page and MauiSeeds account on Instagram. I can be found on Pinterest as MauiSeeds also. I did offer some products on Ebay for a while, MauiSeeds1 is my Seller name at that site - I am not actively listing anything there right now but my reviews should still be visible.

I am a 51 year old mother of 3 daughters (ages 17,19 & 27). I have lived on Maui since I was age 19. I grew up in St.Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and have windsurfed since age 14. I am proud to be the current Hawaii state and U.S. National open women's champion in the sport of Windsurf slalom/racing. (This is my 4rth US National and 7th Hawaii state title).