We chatted with Lauren, the owner of Northeast Glass from Binghamton, New York.

Tell us your story

Hello! My name is Lauren and I'm the owner of Northeast Glass. My husband and I currently reside in Binghamton, New York. While my business started in September 2013, I've since gone through a complete rebrand, name change, and move across the country!

Our garage is constantly full of finished and unfinished glass work. It seems that as soon as I get one corner cleaned, I acquire a couple more cases of wine bottles. I strongly believe in recycling and so do my customers. I pride myself in having such great people in my life who share my values and believe in my eco-friendly brand.

I've found that my products are constantly evolving. I'm always trying to integrate current trends into my brand and my products. I do my best to provide a variety of glass products with options for customization colors.

How did you come up with a name for your store?

northeastglass making

I have a ton of friends that drink wine, and many of them would throw their empties away. I realized "hey, I can make something out of these" and I started from there! At first, my shop name focused on the fact that I create decor. However, I've recently gone through a big move, complete rebrand, and name change that focuses more on glass.

How did you start selling on etsy?

Etsy was the first venue I tried. My parents had actually bought me a gift from Etsy and it opened my eyes to the entire marketplace.

Do you talk to your customers?

I love talking to my customers! One of my favorite things to do is sell in person. I've created many relationships and have been presented more opportunities through doing so.

What’s your most favorite product?

I'm not sure if I have one. The very first thing I created was a hanging wine bottle lantern, so I'll always hold that one close to my heart. Although, I love the process of creating candles.

What are your future goals?

This year, my goal is to pursue wholesale. At the very least, I want to make a pitch to local stores. So far, I've completed a wholesale order through Etsy, and I just finished my line sheet!

Where and when do you find yourself most creatively inspired?

I'm most inspired first thing in the morning, with my coffee in hand and music playing. I'm also a list-maker. I find it much easier to get things done if everything is broken up into achievable chunks.