Lauren from Los Angeles, California runs Crave Bazaar. She makes fashion and accessories designed for music festivals and beyond. Items currently include sunglasses, hooded capes, and dust masks.

She has spent the past two years perfecting her dust mask design. They feature a secret pocket that holds a sachet filled with Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals infused with lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus. This formula works just like a pink salt lamp and aromatherapy diffuser in one. During the long dusty days of dancing at a festival, your sinuses take a lot of abuse. The Prana Dust Mask not only protects but helps to reverse the effects of dust and allergens on the respiratory system.

She started her shop after many of her friends and even strangers asked where they could buy her creations. She opened her shop at the beginning of 2017 but have only really been focused on it the last 2 months.

Introduce your shop


Crave Bazaar is festival fashion to rule the dance floor and beyond. I make clothes and accessories geared toward music festival attendees in my home in Los Angeles, CA. I love festival fashion because there are no boundaries. Everything is bright, shiny, covered in sequins or glows in the dark. The crazier the better. My pieces are designed for dancing all night and watching the sunrise with your friends.

When did you turn your craft into a business?

I began designing clothes so I could wear EXACTLY what I wanted to at festivals. I received so many requests from friends and even strangers I decided it was time to open my own shop.

How did you come up with a name for your store?

I co-produce a comedy show called Crave. It's a high-energy stand-up comedy and music experience geared toward music and festival lovers. Crave Bazaar is an extension of that brand.

How did you start selling on Etsy?

At the beginning of 2017 I made a pair of pom pom covered heart shaped sunglasses and put them up for sale. Shortly after that I began working full time again and forgot about them. A few months later I got an email that my listing had sold! I love the feeling I get everytime someone purchases or even favorites an item. After that first sale, I jumped down the rabbit hole and haven't looked back.

Do you talk to your customers? Do you run your website or blog, social media?

I love to talk to my customers. The festival community is incredibly open and welcoming. I have THE best customers. My Instagram and Pinterest are very active and I enjoy engaging on those platforms. I'm working on putting together a Facebook page and am in the process of revamping my website and blog.

What’s your most favorite product?

The Prana Dust Mask. It's my baby. I've spent years developing the best festival dust mask. The dust, allergens, and pollutants at outdoor music festivals can be really hard on your respiratory system. A few days of dancing in the dust can cause a lot of problems. Not only does the Prana Dust Maks protect your mouth and nose from dust and allergens, but its key feature is a secret pocket designed to hold a sachet filled with Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals infused with lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus. It works just like a pink salt lamp and aromatherapy diffuser in one. Breathing in pink salt particles can help with allergies, congestion, and other sinus problems. Lavender (eases sinus congestion), rosemary (aids in relief of cough & congestion), and eucalyptus (improves respiratory circulation & stimulates the immune system) combine to fight off common respiratory problems.

What are your future goals?

To bring more unique, quality items to my customers. I'm working with a close friend who loves to sew festival clothes but doesn't have the time to open her own shop. I can't wait to show the world her fabulous creations.

What’s your process from an idea to a finished product?

When I get an idea in my head, the first thing I do is research. I scour the internet to see if there are similar items out there. I search through my own closet to see if it's like anything I already have. Sometimes I will sketch an idea out, but a lot of times I just start cutting and sewing and figure it out as I go.

Where and when do you find yourself most creatively inspired?

Two very different places. 1 - Music festivals. I love seeing something across the dancefloor that I've never seen before. Sometimes I get obsessed. I immediately try and figure out in my head how I can create my own version. 2 - LA's fashion district. The amount and variety of fabrics available are mind boggling. I get a rush stumbling through the tiny, crowded stores touching fabrics and looking for inspiration.